How to Boot Surface Go from a USB Drive

If you’re facing issues with booting Windows on your Surface Go, starting it up from a USB Drive can be frustrating without following the correct procedure. However, you need not worry; we have provided you with the information to boot your Surface Go from a USB Drive successfully.

To boot Surface Go from a USB drive, insert a bootable USB drive into the Surface Go’s USB port (required USB-C to USB-A dongle if you have a USB-A drive). Press and hold the Volume Down button. While holding, press & release the power button. When the Surface logo appears, release the Volume Down button.

Before proceeding, check out our tutorial for other Surface models with specific instructions, which you can find here.

If you have a Surface Go (1st Gen)Surface Go 2, or a Surface Go 3 PC, read on for a more in-depth guide on how to boot your Surface Go from a USB Drive.

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