Microsoft Surface display size and resolution – a complete list

Microsoft Surface display quality and technology is getting better over time. Check out here to see what's the difference between each Surface display specifications.

Microsoft Surface Display Comparison

Over the years, Microsoft Surface has grown bigger with the addition of new family members. The Surface now has five product lineups, including Surface Studio, Surface Book, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and Surface Go.

Each product lineup has its own unique specifications, including screen sizes and resolution. For your convenience, in this article, we have created a table that contains information about the screen properties of each model of the Microsoft Surface.

Surface ModelScreen SizeResolutionPixels Per Inch (PPI)Aspect Ratio
Surface RT10.6″1366 x 768 (1 MP)147.8416:9
Surface 210.6″1920 x 1080 (2 MP)207.8216:9
Surface 310.8″1920 x 1280 (2.4 MP)213.663:2
Surface Go10″1800 x 1200 (2.1 MP)216.333:2
Surface Pro
Surface Pro10.6″1920 x 1080 (2 MP)207.8216:9
Surface Pro 210.6″1920 x 1080 (2 MP)207.8216:9
Surface Pro 312″2160 x 1440 (3.1 MP)216.333:2
Surface Pro 412.3″2736 x 1824 (5 MP)267.343:2
Surface Pro (5th Gen)12.3″2736 x 1824 (5 MP)267.343:2
Surface Pro 612.3″2736 x 1824 (5 MP)267.343:2
Surface Laptop
Surface Laptop13.5″2256 x 1504 (3.4 MP)200.843:2
Surface Laptop 213.5″2256 x 1504 (3.4 MP)200.843:2
Surface Book
Surface Book13.5″3000 x 2000 (6 MP)267.083:2
SB with Performance Base13.5″3000 x 2000 (6 MP)267.083:2
Surface Book 2 13"13.5″3000 x 2000 (6 MP)267.083:2
Surface Book 2 15"15″3240 x 2160 (7 MP)259.603:2
Surface Studio
Surface Studio28″4500 x 3000 (13.5 MP)193.153:2
Surface Studio 228″4500 x 3000 (13.5 MP)193.153:2

I hope the table above would be useful for all of you. If you think you found some mistakes, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment box below.

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