How Much Your Surface Battery Capacity in mAh?

In this guide, you will learn how to convert your Surface battery capacity in mWh to mAh and know about battery information of all Surface models.

Note Updated on June 17, 2017: We have updated this article to include battery capacity of the new Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro.

You might have a misunderstanding about battery capacity when it comes to different units. Most of the time, in mobile phones, power bank, mobile’s battery mostly defined by mAh (milliamp-hours). For Microsoft Surface family it might have noticed that the battery capacity is defined as mWh (milliwatts-hours). In this tip, we will guide you how to convert from mWh to mAh and vice-versa.


How to Convert mWh to mAh?

In order to convert from mWh (milliwatt-hours) to mAh (milliamp-hours), we have a formula as below:

(mAh) = (mWh) / (V)

Example: Surface Pro 3 has a battery capacity of 42 Wh or 42,000 mWh has battery capacity in mAh as below:

42,000 mWh / 7.5 V = 5,600 mAh

So that, the Surface Pro 3 has a battery capacity of 5,600 mAh.

Surface Battery Capacity

Here is the list of battery capacity of all Microsoft Surface in measured of both mWh and mAh:

Surface ModelWhmWhmAh
Surface RT31.5 Wh31,500 mWh4,200 mAh
Surface Power Cover30.0 Wh30,000 mWh4,000 mAh
Surface 231.5 Wh31,500 mWh4,200 mAh
Surface 328.0 Wh28,000 mWh3,733 mAh
Surface Pro42.0 Wh42,000 mWh5,600 mAh
Surface Pro 242.0 Wh42,000 mWh5,600 mAh
Surface Pro 342.0 Wh42,000 mWh5,600 mAh
Surface Pro 438.2 Wh38,200 mWh5,093 mAh
Surface Book70.0 Wh70,000 mWh9,333 mAh
Surface Book (Clipboard)18.0 Wh18,000 mWh2,387 mAh
Surface Book (Base)51.0 Wh51,000 mWh6,800 mAh
Surface Book (Performance Base)63.0 Wh63,000 mWh8,400 mAh
Surface Laptop45.2 Wh45,200 mWh5,970 mAh (45,200 / 7.57v)
Surface Pro (2017)45.0 Wh45,000 mWh5,944 mAh

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  • Alsonot

    Can you update this with the new Surface Pro stat?

    • Hi Alsonot, we’ve updated the stat of new Surface Pro. You can have a look now!

      • carlosatUCLA

        huh. so does this mean we should expect similar battery performance from the surface laptop as we do the surface pro?

        • Hi carlosatUCLA, you are right! However, Surface Laptop will last a bit longer because of it’s less power Core i5-7200U and lower screen resolution 2256 x 1504 (201 PPI), 3.4M Pixels while Surface Pro (2017) has Core i5-7300U and higher resolution 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI), 5M Pixels.
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