How to Claim Exclusive Perks on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is now starting to offer additional exclusives for Surface owners with the introduction of Surface offers available in the latest update of the Surface app. For now, what we can find on the Surface offers page on some of our Surface devices is the free 3-month memberships for Adobe apps.

In this article, we will walk you through how to check for Surface offers and how to redeem the offers on your Surface devices.

Note Some offers are available only on selected Surface models. For example, the offers for Adobe apps are available only on our Surface Book and Surface Laptop 3 while not available on Surface Go and Surface Go 2.

How to Claim free offers for Surface owners

To claim free offers that available for your current Surface PC:

  1. Open the Surface app.
    Make sure you have the latest app updates installed. In case you can’t find the app, you can download the Surface app on Microsoft Store here.
    Surface App Tile
  2. Go to the Surface offers page.
    This page only appears when there are offers available for your device.Surface app > Expand Menu > Surface Offers
  3. Under the Offer for Surface owners section, click on the Redeem button below any offer you want to get. In this case, there is only an offer for Adobe apps.Surface app > Surface Offers > Redeem
  4. When you clicked the Redeem button it will take you to the offer page.
    Adobe and Surface Offers web page
  5. In the “Adobe apps” offer, you can claim free 3 months of membership for three different products including Adobe Photography, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Adobe Fresco.
    Note When you selected to claim one of those subscriptions, you will have 3 months to claim the remaining products before the offer expire.
    Adobe and Surface Offers web page after your first claimed
  6. When you’re ready, click on the Select button to claim the free 3-month membership for any product you want.
    Adobe and Surface Offers Account
  7. You can either create a new account or sign in to your existing Adobe account to redeem your free subscription.

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