How to Use Surface PC as a Portable Monitor

Having a dual or multiple monitors setup is really help in multitasking. At my office, I have a triple monitors setup, my main Surface Book display, a 29-inch ultrawide, and a 21.5-inch monitor on either side. With that setup, I can view multiple websites up to 6 websites side by side for doing research, writing articles, and doing many other things.

When I work outside my office, I also have my own portable multiple monitors setup. I don’t have a portable monitor, but instead, I have used my Surface 3 as a portable wireless display and it works pretty well for web browsing and most activities.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to connect and configure your Surface PCs as a portable wireless display.

  1. Preparing your Surface PCs
  2. Configuring a Surface PC (Surface 3) as a Portable Monitor
  3. Projecting the Surface PC (Surface Book) to a Wireless Display (Surface 3)