Surface Go USB-C Charging: We tested 3 USB-C PD chargers for comparison

In this article, we will record and analyze the charging behavior of different types of USB-C with Power Delivery chargers. You will see how fast you can charge your Surface Go with USB-C PD power adapters.

Surface Go USB-C Charging

One of the key features of Surface Go is about getting the job done on the go. It is the most portable Surface PC that packs a ton of capabilities and features as its big brothers. However, one thing that most people don’t really happy about is battery life. The Surface Go definitely won’t last for a typical working day unless you did all our ultimate battery saving tips as mentions in our article.

At SurfaceTip, we have done two tests already for the Surface Go charging topic, the original charger testing, and a basic phone charger testing. However, we didn’t test another potential charging method using USB-C with power delivery yet. Today, we will test, not one but three, different types of USB-C PD chargers to find out how fast they can charge the Microsoft Surface Go compared to our previous tests.

  1. Can you charge the Surface Go with USB-C?
  2. How to charge Surface Go with USB-C?
  3. Surface Go USB-C chargers we’ve tested
  4. Surface Go USB-C chargers testing result
  5. What we’ve learned from the result
  6. Experiment Condition
  7. Recommended Chargers for Surface Go

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