Original Surface Go Charger's Performance
Surface Go’s original charger performance

Microsoft Surface Go is a great portable laptop that allows you to perform various tasks while on the go. Microsoft claims the Surface Go can last up to 9 hours on a single charge. However, it may be less depending on the type of work.

The charger with Surface Go is also small and lightweight for portability. However, is it powerful enough to charge the Surface Go? To learn more about the charging power of the charger, we will record and analyze the charging speed of the device.

Original Surface Go Charger Specification

The Surface Go charger uses the proprietary Surface Connect port that is magnetically attached to the device. It also has an LED indicator when it is connected and charged. Below are the specifications of the charger:

ChargerSurface Go Charger Model 1736
Input[email protected]
Output24W ([email protected])
InterfaceSurface Connect
Surface Go Charger Specifications
Original Surface Go’s charger specs

Original Surface Go Charger’s Performance

Generally, charging speeds vary depending on the battery capacity left on the device. For the Surface Go, it is the same: charging is constant and fast when the battery is less than 80%. And the speed will continue to fall steadily until the battery is full.

The following table summarizes the Surface Go’s speed, duration, and charging rate using its original charger.

Note The following results are measured using a certain condition specified in this article’s Experiment Condition section.

Battery Capacity (%)Charging Rate (W)Duration (Minutes)
20% – 80%15.50 W60 Minutes
80% – 90%13W – 8.0W15 Minutes
90% – 95%8.0W – 4.5W15 Minutes
95% – 100%4.5W – 2.0W25 Minutes

Below is a graphic detailing the charging behavior:

Surface Go charging speed graph.
Surface Go charging speed graph.

Experiment Condition

Of course, the actual charging speed depends on your device’s settings and usage. Charging your device when it’s off and slow as you play games or use any heavy software will be much faster.

Below is a condition that we used and think most people would use in the general situation:

  • Turn off the display: Never (Always-on display)
  • Display brightness: 50%
  • Auto brightness: No
  • Bluetooth: On
  • WiFi: On (connected to the internet)

Recording Tools

Charging Speed Testing Tools

The tool we used to record the battery capacity, speed, and duration of the charging is BatteryInfoView. Besides that, this tool also can display more detailed information about your device’s battery.

We also use our favorite tool, BatteryBar, to view real-time charging stats from the taskbar. You can download both tools for free from the links below: