Microsoft Surface Battery Life Tips

Note This guide is updated on November 19, 2017, to make sure that this tutorial is still valid for the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Updates.

There are two main factors that reflect battery life on every computer: “Battery Capacity” and “Power Efficiency”. There is nothing we can do here with the device’s battery capacity as it is already built into your device already. Check out here to see your Surface’s battery capacity.

In this article, we will guide you on how to tune power settings and system settings to maximize your Surface’s power efficiency.

Table of contents

  1. Real-time battery discharging monitoring
  2. Surface Pro Optimization power plan
  3. Optimizing Cortana Settings
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi while asleep
  5. Reducing display brightness
  6. Disable startup programs
  7. Surf with Microsoft Edge
  8. Turn on Battery Saver
  9. Turn off Bluetooth radio
  10. More tips to extend Surface Pro 4 battery life