Can you upgrade SSD or UFS storage on Microsoft Surface Go 4?


No, you can’t! All Surface Go 4 models come with soldered UFS storage. So make sure you purchase a Surface Go 4 model with the right amount of storage capacity, including 64GB, 128GB, or 256 GB.

Surface Go 4 UFS Chips

According to the information from the first firmware update for Surface Go 4, the UFS storage chips used in the tablet are provided by three different companies: Samsung, SK Hynix, and Kioxia. Here is a table comparing the chip model, version, capacity, and speed of each manufacturer.

ManufacturerModelUFS VersionCapacityWriteRead
HynixHN8G962EHKX0372.264GB450 MB/s900 MB/s
HynixHN8T05DEHKX0733.1128GB1,000 MB/s1,800 MB/s
HynixHN8T15DEHKX0753.1256GB1,600 MB/s2,000 MB/s
KioxiaTHGAF8G9T43BAIR2.164GB?1,160 MB/s
KioxiaTHGJFAT0T44BAIL3.1128GB?2,320 MB/s
KioxiaTHGJFGT1E45BAIP3.1256GB?2,320 MB/s
SamsungKLUDG4UHGC-B0E13.1128GB850 MB/s?
SamsungKLUEG4RHGB-B0E13.1256GB1,200 MB/s?

Surface Go MicroSDXC card slot

Alternatively, the Surface Go 4 has a microSD card slot perfectly hidden under the kickstand that you can use to add extra storage, just like a smartphone. Here are our recommendations.

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