Is there an HDMI port on the Microsoft Surface Go?


No, it doesn’t! There is no HDMI port available on any Surface Go model. It makes sense to exclude a full-size HDMI port, given the slim and lightweight design of tablets like the Surface Go, which is only 8.3 mm thick.

ModelHDMI Port?DisplayPort alt-modeMax display out
Surface Go (2018)NoYes3
Surface Go 2 (2020)NoYes3
Surface Go 3 (2021)NoYes3
Surface Go 4 (2023)NoYes3

However, Surface Go has a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort alt-mode. This allows you to use a USB-C adapter or hub with a full-size HDMI port to connect your tablet to HDTVs, monitors, or projectors.

Surface Go HDMI Port over USB-C Hub