Can you upgrade the memory or RAM on Surface Go 4?


No, you can’t! All Microsoft Surface Go 4 models have soldered LPDDR5 memory with no extra RAM slot for expansion. However, I think 8GB of a much faster 4800 MHz LPDDR5 on the new Surface Go 4 will be sufficient for everyday internet browsing, office tasks, and productivity apps.

Since 2018, the Surface Go has had a maximum memory capacity of 8GB. Here is a comparison of memory capacities across all Surface Go generations.

ModelMinMaxMemory TypeSpeed
Surface Go (2018)4GB8GBLPDDR31866 MHz
Surface Go 2 (2020)4GB8GBLPDDR31866 MHz
Surface Go 3 (2021)4GB8GBLPDDR31866 MHz
Surface Go 4 (2023)8GB8GBLPDDR54800 MHz

Surface Go 4 is a big performance upgrade over its predecessor, in terms of computing power, memory speed, and especially the UFS storage over eMMC for the entry-level configuration.

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