Surface Go Keyboard Backlit

Does the Surface Go keyboard have backlighting?


Yes, it does! All Type Covers for Surface Go have a backlit keyboard with three different brightness levels. You can adjust the backlit on your Surface Go Type Cover by pressing the F1 or F7 media key, depending on the version of your type cover.

Note All Surface Go Type Covers are cross-compatible with all generations of Surface Go, including Surface Go (2018), Surface Go 2 (2020), Surface Go 3 (2021), and Surface Go 4 (2023).

When you press the key, it will switch between the following actions:

  • 1st Press Activate backlight at level 1 (min).
  • 2nd Press Activate the backlight at level 2 (medium).
  • 3rd Press Activate backlight at level 3 (max).
  • 4th Press Deactivate backlit.

To determine your keyboard type, refer to the pictures of the first and second-generation Surface Go Type Covers below.

2nd Gen Surface Go 2 Type Cover

1st Gen Surface Go Type Cover - Backlit control key