Is there an SD Card Slot available on the Microsoft Surface Go?


Yes, it does. The SD card slot on Surface Go is located on the right side of the device and underneath the kickstand. It’s a MicroSDXC card slot that supports all recent large MicroSD cards available on the market. Here is a summary of the MicroSD card slot and compatible SD cards:

ModelSD SlotTypeSpeed classMax speed
Surface Go (2018)YesMicroSDXCUHS-I104 MB/s
Surface Go 2 (2020)YesMicroSDXCUHS-I104 MB/s
Surface Go 3 (2021)YesMicroSDXCUHS-I104 MB/s
Surface Go 4 (2023)YesMicroSDXCUHS-I104 MB/s
Surface Go MicroSDXC card slot

One of my favorite features of the Surface Go is having a MicroSD card slot. The card is a cheap and removable storage that I can swap between smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and laptops. Since the Surface Go has limited and non-removable storage that maxes out at 256GB, a 1TB microSD card is perfect for storing pictures, videos, and games.

Here is a summary of the storage chip technology used in all Surface Go generations:

Storage OptionsMinMaxTechnology
Surface Go (2018)64 GB256GBeMMC, SSD
Surface Go 2 (2020)64 GB256GBeMMC, SSD
Surface Go 3 (2021)64 GB256GBeMMC, SSD
Surface Go 4 (2023)64 GB256GBUFS

Our recommended MicroSD cards:

These MicroSD cards offer both affordability and high performance, with excellent random read and write speeds. If you plan on installing apps or games onto an SD card, it is recommended to use A1 or A2-rated cards instead of non-rated ones.

You can learn more about speed class, app performance class, and capacity standard of an SD card from our post there: