How to replace Surface Mobile Mouse Batteries

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse is a great portable mouse which is stylish, ultra-thin, affordable, and conform to either of your hand. It features three rich tone-on-tone colors: Burgundy, Platinum, and Cobalt Blue. The scrolling is also perfected with the new optimized metallic wheel for more precision and comfort.

This mouse is powered by two replaceable AAA batteries that can last up to 12 months of typical usage. Today, I will show you how to install or replace the Surface Mobile Mouse batteries.

How to replace Surface Mobile Mouse Battery

Installing or replacing batteries on Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse is really easy. To do so:

  1. On the bottom of the mouse, push the bottom part of the battery cover.
    Push the Surface Mobile Mouse battery cover
  2. Slide forward the battery cover to remove it.
    Slide the Surface Mobile Mouse battery cover to remove it
  3. Push and pop out the old batteries with your fingernail or a flat screwdriver.
    Pop out the batteries from Surface Mobile Mouse
  4. Pop in the new batteries in the same direction as shown on the battery slot indicator.
    Install the Surface Mobile Mouse Batteries
  5. Place the battery’s cover back in, and you’re done. To ensure the batteries are correctly installed, turn on the mouse by pressing the Bluetooth button, and the mouse-pointing laser is lit up.
    Check the Surface Mobile Mouse pointing laser

Now, the batteries are correctly installed and ready to work with your computer. I hope it can be helpful, and if you have any questions or problems with the procedures detailed in this tutorial, please comment below.

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