How to fix Surface RT/2 or Surface Pro/2 phantom touch or ghost touch

Do you experience phantom touches problems on your Surface RT/2 or Surface Pro/2? If your Surface's screen registers touch input by itself, here there is a possible solution might fix your problem.

How to fix Surface's screen get touch input by itself

Today, I want to share a problem with a touch screen issue that I found on my Surface RT. Most of the time, I don’t use my Surface RT as I use my Surface Pro 4 for most of my work. So I have installed many kid’s apps and games and gave it to my kid to play with.

Recently I found that my Surface randomly registers touch input by itself (phantom touches). Here are all related issues that I found:

  • It often gets touch input by itself  (at the left side of the screen).
  • After about 5 minutes with the screen on, it will not accept anymore touch input. I need to turn the screen off and on again to get it works.
  • It happened more often when it was on charging.
  • Most of the times, my device doesn’t charge properly, I have to reconnect the charging connector many times. Sometimes it gets charging without LED light indicator as well.

Here all solutions I have tried and doesn’t fix my problem:

  • Tried to clean the screen many times to make sure there is no dust or wet.
  • Restart my Surface.
  • Install all latest updates.
  • Reset my Surface.

How to fix phantom touches on Surface?

Here what I have figured out the root cause of the problem. As I noticed that the touch screen problems occurs more often while the device is charging, I think the charging port should be the root cause. And here is what I did to resolve the touchscreen problems:

  • Unplug charging cable
  • Use a soft wet cloth to clean dirt and dust inside the charging port.
  • Use another soft dried cloth to remove the wet. Make sure it is clean.

Surface RT/2, Surface Pro/2 Charging Port

After I’ve done above steps, there are no more touchscreen issues anymore. One more thing that I also noticed is that my device gets better charging experience, just plug the charging cable and it gets charge immediately. Finally, I hope this guide will fix your problems as well. Please let me know in the comments section below, whether above solution can fix your problems or not.

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Comments (2)

  • Ijeamaka Ij “olivineGREEN12” O

    You’re definitely on to something here. I had an issue with my RT losing power last week though it was plugged in. The charge cord wouldn’t light up so I thought I needed to buy a new one. A few days later, I tried to charge it with the same cord and suddenly it worked again….but then came numerous issues including this irritating phantom touch (which happens with my touch cover and sometimes with the touch screen).
    So I just tried cleaning the charge port like you advised, input and output, and yes the problem most certainly stops when the tablet is unplugged, but immediately comes back when I plug in the charger.
    I might just have to purchase a new charge cord after all and see if that helps. Definitely appreciate your insight though!