Microsoft Surface 4

Microsoft was supposed to launch the Microsoft Surface 4 as a successor to the Surface 3 in around 2016, as history suggested. It should have removed the capacitive Windows logo from the display, just like the company did to the Surface Pro 4.

We think the company didn’t release the Surface 4 because Intel didn’t release any substantial improvement for low TDP processors. The company had to wait over three years to announce the next generation of 10-inch Surface tablets in 2018 as a new lineup, Surface Go.

Fourth Generation Surface devices

If you don’t know the exact name of the Surface device you’re looking for, you might mistake it for other fourth-generation Surface devices. Here are the ones you might look for:

All Released Surface Devices

For your convenience, here is the list of all officially released Surface devices from 2012 until now.

Surface Duo
Surface Pro
Surface Pro X
Surface Laptop
Surface Laptop Go
Surface Laptop SE
Surface Laptop Studio
Surface Book
Surface Studio