How to download the latest Windows 10 ISO file

Do you know where to download the latest Windows 10 ISO file? Here we will guide you to how to download Windows 10 ISO file via a tool named "Media Creation Tool".

How to Download Windows 10 ISO File

Microsoft is now allowing users to easily upgrade their computers with a tool named “Medial Creation Tool”. This tool allows you to upgrade your PC or create installation medias to install other PCs as well. Besides that, it also allows users to download the latest Windows 10 version as an ISO file.

The ISO file is becoming a common file format for storing different kinds of installation media rather than a physical disc. It’s easy to share, burn to physical disc, or make bootable medias. The Windows 10 ISO file allows you to upgrade all your PCs without having to individually download updates on every PCs you have.

In this article, we will guide you how to download the latest Windows 10 version as ISO file with the Windows Media Creation Tool provided by Microsoft.

1How to download Windows 10 ISO on Windows 7/8/10

On Windows 7/8/10 you can only download the official Windows 10 ISO file through the Windows Media Creation Tool only. Here is how:

  1. Download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft website.Download Media Creation Tool
  2. Open Media Creation Tool and review the agreement. Click Accept to continue.
    Accept the licence agreement
  3. Choose “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC. Click Next to continue.
    Create installation media
  4. Review the default selected options, if you want a different, uncheck the “Use the recommended options for this PC” and change to what you want. Click Next to continue.
    Choose Windows 10 ISO edition and language
  5. Select “ISO file”. Click Next to continue.
    Choose and Save Windows 10 ISO file
  6. Choose a location where you want to store your downloaded Windows 10 ISO file. Click Save to continue.
    Choose ISO file save location
  7. The ISO file size is around 4 GB so it will take a while to finish downloading the Windows 10 ISO file depend on your internet speed.
    Wait for Windows 10 ISO file download

After finish downloading, the downloaded Windows 10 ISO file will appear on your previously saved location.

2How to Download Windows 10 ISO file on older Windows or other platforms

It is quite straightforward when you want to download the latest Windows 10 ISO file on older Windows PCs or other platforms such as Linux or MacOS.

  1. Go to Download Windows Disc Image (ISO File) page.
  2. Select the Windows 10 edition under the “Select edition” section. Click Confirm to continue.
  3. Select the language under the “Select the product language“. Click Confirm to continue.
    Download Windows 10 ISO on MacOS
  4. Finally, choose between Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit. Click on the option to start the download.
    Choose Windows 10 ISO 32-bit or 64-bit


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