Can you charge Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 via USB?


No, you can’t. The USB port on Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is a basic USB-A 3.0 port that supports only data transferring.

Fortunately, there is a workaround that lets you charge your Surface Laptop 2 with any compatible USB-C PD charger and battery pack.

Surface USB-C Charging Cable

As an increasingly in USB-C with Power Delivery chargers in the market, using a USB-C to Surface Connect charging cable seems to be the best option right now for Surface users. As the Power Delivery 3.0 includes 12V and 15V in its power rules, it basically can charge all Surface devices available so far.

However, since all USB-C PD chargers weren’t made for the same purpose, here are some of our recommended chargers and cables that able to charge your Surface devices:

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