How to access the Surface’s battery report

Battery report allows you to learn more about your Surface's battery information and usage history. Read on for more information and how to generate and access the report.

Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update

In the Windows system, there is a great power management tool that allows you to learn more about your battery information and behaviour over time. The report is called “Battery Report“, and includes the following information:

  • Basic computer and OS information
  • Installed batteries – information about each currently installed battery
  • Recent usage – power states over the last 3 days
  • Battery usage – battery drains over the last 3 days
  • Usage history – history of system usage on AC and battery
  • Battery capacity history – charge capacity history of the system’s batteries
  • Battery life estimates – battery life estimates based on observed drains.

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How to access the battery report?

In order to access the battery report, first, you need to generate a report that corresponding to your current battery information and usage history.

To do this:

  1. Right-click on Start menu
  2. Select Command Prompt
  3. Type following command “powercfg /batteryreport” and hit Enter key. It will generate the battery life report and save to the current location you located with a file named “battery-report.html”.

How to generate Battery Report

Now you can browse and open the report that located in the command output above.

Battery Report and Location

The report has all important information about the current device’s battery status. Sometimes, you might need to do full recharge cycle multiple times to get more accurate information. This method applied to all Surface devices including Surface with Windows RT, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.