How to connect the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse to your Computer

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to connect the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse to your Surface or Windows 10 PCs via wired or wireless connectivity.

How to connect Microsoft Surface Precision

The Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse is a great productivity mouse ever released by Microsoft so far and it works seamlessly with Surface PCs. It offers an easy and flexible way of making and switching connection between multiple computers.

It has three Bluetooth connection slots allow you to pair up to three different computers and also has an option to automatically switch between those computers too. Moreover, you can also use a standard Micro USB cable (included in the box) to connect it to any computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth or not support Bluetooth Low Energy v4.0 or later.

If you’ve just bought a Surface Precision Mouse and you don’t know how to connect it to your Surface or Windows 10 PCs, here we have detail steps for you to do that.

1How to connect Surface Precision Mouse via Bluetooth

Microsoft Surface Precision can connect up to 3 computers and it can be manually or configured to automatically switch between computers. To connect your Microsoft Surface Mouse wirelessly to computer:

  1. Make sure your computer supports Bluetooth LE 4.0 or later and have it turned on
  2. On Surface Precision Mouse, make sure you turn it on by using the power switch on the bottom of the mouse
    Surface Precision Mouse Power Switch
  3. Press the Bluetooth button to choose which connection out of the three available connections you want to use
  4. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for three to five seconds. The light on the connection slot you selected will blink slowly until it gets paired.
  5. On your computer, press or click the Action Center icon, press and hold or right-click the Bluetooth button, Select Go to Settings
    Opening Bluetooth Settings Page
  6. Click “Add Bluetooth or other device
    Add Bluetooth or other device
  7. Select Bluetooth
    Choose Bluetooth type
  8. Select “BTLE Precision Mouse”
    Choose your Surface Precision Mouse
  9. Click Done
    Done adding the Bluetooth Connection


You can now use your Surface Precision Mouse on your Windows 10 PC.

2How to connect Surface Precision via Micro USB cable

  1. Using the included or any compatible Micro USB cable to connect between your computer and your Surface Precision Mouse.
    Surface Precision Mouse Wired Cable Connection
  2. If you’ve installed Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center on your computer, the Surface Precision mouse will show up in the software.
    Surface Precision Mouse Connect via Micro USB Cable on Software


Now you know how to connect your Surface Precision Mouse to your Surface or other Windows 10 PCs. The extra connection via Micro USB cable is really a handy way to make it works on almost any Computer whether it supports Bluetooth or not. If you have any questions or problems with the procedures detailed in this tutorial, please leave a comment below.