How to Configure Surface Laptop 3 UEFI/BIOS Settings

In this article, you will find out how to enter the Surface Laptop 3 UEFI/BIOS settings and how to manage device boot order, devices, security and more.

How to configure Surface Laptop 3 UEFI/BIOS settings

UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is a new motherboard firmware standard that allows your PC boot faster and has more security features. Starting with Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has created its own Surface UEFI for using with its future devices. This new Surface UEFI is currently used on newer devices including Surface Go, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Studio.

In this article, you will find out how to get to the Surface Laptop 3 UEFI settings. You will see also how to configure the UEFI settings to improve the device security, check your device information and more.

  1. How to access Surface Laptop 3 UEFI settings?
  2. How to Check Your Surface Laptop 3 Device Information via UEFI settings?
  3. How to Configure Device Boot Order on the new Surface Laptop 3?
  4. How to Manage Device Components on Surface Laptop 3?
  5. How to change your Surface Laptop 3 Date and Time via Surface UEFI?
  6. How to Protect UEFI settings with a password on Surface Laptop 3?
  7. What is Secure Boot Control?
  8. What is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)?

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