Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Picks Up a New 01/30/2017 Firmware Update

Today, Microsoft has rolled out a new 01/30/2017 system firmware update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices. Read on for more detail!

Surface Pro 3 01/30/2017 Firmware Update

It has been almost 3 months since Microsoft released an 11/7/2016 firmware update for the Surface Pro 3. Now, another firmware update has just rolled out for the Surface Pro 3 to improve overall system performance for the latest Windows 10 versions.

This new firmware update will update the Surface Pro UEFI to a new version of 3.11.2050.0. It will also update the Intel(R) HD Graphics and Audio drivers to improve Miracast and docked video performance.

According to on Surface Pro 3 history page, here are the full details for the 30/1/2017 firmware update for Surface Pro 3:

Windows Update History Name Device Manager Name
Intel Corporation – Display – Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

  • improves Miracast and docked video performance.

Intel(R) Display Audio

  • improves Miracast and docked video performance.
Microsoft – System Firmware update Surface Pro UEFI

  • 3.11.2050.0 improves system performance for the latest Windows versions.

Microsoft also provides more information about overall device attribute benefits from this update as below:

Value Indicator Score
Security +
Reliability +
Connectivity NA
Compatibility NA
Performance +
Battery Life NA

You can get this new Firmware Update by:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update
  • Click on Check for updates

If your Surface Pro 3 hasn’t yet installed the update, it should be displayed on the Windows Update now. It’s good to see our device getting better with the new firmware update from Microsoft.