Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a big step forward for Microsoft to push the “tablet that can replace your laptop” idea, and it’s finally done that. It’s now thinner, lighter, and a new 3:2 aspect ratio with a large and beautiful 2K 12-inch color-calibrated screen.

It’s better to know more about this device before you make a purchase decision, and here are our comprehensive Microsoft Surface Pro 3 frequently asked questions that should clear up all your queries. We will try to cover all Surface Pro 3 question segments including display, battery, performance, software, and design.

Surface Pro 3 Design, Configuration & Purchasing Q&As

1How much does a Surface Pro 3 cost?

There are three configurations of Surface Pro 3:

  • Intel Core i3
    $799 - 4GB/64GB
  • Intel Core i5
    $999 - 4GB/128GB $1299 - 8GB/256GB
  • Intel Core i7
    $1549 - 8GB/256GB $1949 - 8GB/512GB
2What are the dimensions of the Surface Pro 3?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has dimensions of 11.5” x 7.93” x 0.3” (292 mm x 201.3 mm x 9.1 mm).
3How much does the Surface Pro 3 weight?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is weight at 1.76 lbs (800g).

4What ports are on the Surface Pro 3?

Here are all available ports on the Surface Pro 3:

  1. 1 x Full-size USB 3.0
  2. 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
  3. 1 x Surface Connect (Compatible with Surface Dock)
  4. 1 x MicroSDXC card reader (up to 1TB)
  5. 1 x Surface Pro Type Cover port.
5Does Surface Pro 3 have a camera?
Yes, there are two cameras on Surface Pro 3:

  1. 5.0-megapixel rear-facing camera.
  2. 5.0-megapixel front-facing camera.
6What processor is in the Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has three processor configurations:

  1. 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i3-4020Y
    • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4200.
    • Base Frequency: 1.50 GHz
    • Max Turbo Frequency: N/A
    • Cache: 3 MB
    • 2 cores, 4 threads
  2. 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-4300U
    • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4400.
    • Base Frequency: 1.90 GHz
    • Max Turbo Frequency: 2.90 GHz
    • Cache: 3 MB
    • 2 cores, 4 threads
  3. 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4650U
    • Graphics: Intel® Iris™ Graphics 5000.
    • Base Frequency: 1.70 GHz
    • Max Turbo Frequency: 3.30 GHz
    • Cache: 4 MB
    • 2 cores, 4 threads
7Does Surface Pro 3 include pen?
Yes, Surface Pro 3 does come with a Surface Pen out of the box. It supports 256 levels of pressure.
8Does the new Surface Pro 3 come with a keyboard?
No, you will need to purchase the keyboard (Surface Pro Type Cover) separately. The original Surface Pro 3 Type Cover costs about $130 at launch. It also supports the latest Surface Pro Type Cover which costs about $100 for the black Type Cover and $130 for burgundy, platinum, and cobalt blue Signature Type Cover.
9When was Surface Pro 3 release?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was:

  • Announced on May 20, 2014.
  • Preordered on May 21, 2014.
  • Available on June 20, 2014.
10Can you upgrade RAM on Surface Pro 3?
No, you can’t upgrade your Surface Pro 3 RAM as it was soldered directly onto the motherboard.
11Is the Surface Pro 3 fanless?
No, All Surface Pro 3 comes with a fan inside for active cooling.

Surface Pro 3 Display & Screen Q&As

12What size is Surface Pro 3’s display?
Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch ClearType Display.

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13What is the resolution of Surface Pro 3?
Surface Pro 3 has a resolution of 2160 x 1440 and a pixel density of 216ppi (pixels per Inch).

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14Does Surface Pro 3 use Gorilla Glass and oleophobic coating?
Yes, Surface Pro 3 uses Gorilla Glass for the scratch resistant and oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints smudges (according to Surface Pro 3 RMA).
15Does Surface Pro 3 need a screen protector?
Even Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s screen is covered by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass, it still prone to scratches. You’d better pick one up for your Surface Pro 3 to protect it from scratches.
16Does a screen protector reduce the responsiveness of Surface Pro 3?
Yes it does, it much or less noticeable depending on what type and thickness of screen protector you put on it. For the best option, you should look for a slim tempered glass screen protector, as it’s smooth to the touch and reduce responsiveness issue.
17What is the default Surface Pro 3 display scaling?
Micorosft Surface Pro 3 has a default display scaling of 150%.
18What is the aspect ratio of Surface Pro 3?
Surface Pro 3 has a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Surface Pro 3 Battery & Power Q&As

19How long does the Surface Pro 3 last?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 last 9-hours of battery life for web browsing tested by Microsoft.
20What is the battery capacity of Microsoft Surface Pro 3?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a battery capacity of 42.2 Wh (5,547 mAh, 7.6V). For more information check Microsoft Surface battery comparison here.
21How do I charge my Surface Pro 3?

You can charge your Surface Pro 3 by using the OEM charger came with your Surface Pro 3 – Plug the charger to the power source and plug the Surface Connect connector to the charging port on the right side of Surface Pro 3. It’s a magnet and reversible connector and it’s an official and recommended charging method by Microsoft.

22Can I charge Surface Pro 3 via USB?

No, USB port on Surface Pro 3 is used for data transfer only.

Surface Pro 3 Performance Q&As

23Can Microsoft Surface Pro 3 run Photoshop?
Absolutely yes. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 equipped with the 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processors combined with Intel® HD Graphics, is powerful enough to handle most tasks available on Photoshop.

24Can the Surface Pro 3 run games?

Yes, you can play many game titles at low or medium settings.

25Can you code or programming on Surface Pro 3?
For writing code, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is more than powerful enough to handle most code editor such as VS Code, Atom, or Notepad++. Combined with its great tactile keys, it’s a perfect mobile development machine you want to have. It’s also capable of compiling complex codes on Visual Studio or Android Studio as well.
26Is Surface Pro 3 64-bit?
Yes, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 uses the 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processors which supports 64-bit instruction and it does come with a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 Pro.
27Is Surface Pro 3 good for drawing?
Yes, drawing is really smooth on most apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Windows Ink, Sketchable, Bamboo Ink, OneNote, and more. It supports the latest Surface Pen with 256 levels of pressure.
28Is Surface Pro 3 good for students?
Yes, it is. With Surface Pro 3, you can take advantages of all kind of note taking including typing, drawing, and touch. You will never get stuck on taking note of all kind of information you want.
29Will Surface Pro 3 run Office?
Yes, Surface Pro 3 comes with a Microsoft Office 365 30-days trial. Office apps will run smoothly on Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
30Will Surface Dock work with Surface Pro 3?
Yes, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 works smoothly with Surface Dock via Surface Connect port.

Surface Pro 3 Software & Compatibility Q&As

31Does Surface Pro 3 run Windows 10?

Yes, it does. Surface Pro 3 shipped with a full version of Windows 8.1 Pro and can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for free.

32Can you download apps on Surface Pro 3?
Yes, you can. You can download safe and Microsoft verified apps and games from Microsoft Store. Since it’s a full version of Windows 10, you can also download and install any apps from any source you’d like to.
33Does Surface Pro 3 run full Windows?

Yes, Surface Pro 3 comes with full Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 Pro.

34How do I reset my Surface Pro 3?

To reset your Surface Pro 3 on Windows 10, plug in your Surface Pro 3 so you don’t run out of power during the refresh.

  1. Open Settings > Update & Security.
  2. Select Recovery.
  3. Under “Reset this PC“, select Get started.
  4. Choose either Keep my files or Remove everything.
  5. If you choose to Remove everything, you can choose to clean only the drive where Windows is installed and all drives.
  6. Next, you will have the option to just remove my files and remove files and clean the drive. The option to clean the drive is more secure but takes much longer. For example, if you are recycling your Surface, you should clean the drive. If you are keeping your Surface, you just need to remove your files.
  7. Select Reset.
    Surface Pro 3 will restart and the Surface logo appears during the reset process (this can take several minutes).
35Is Microsoft Office free on Surface Pro 3?
No, the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 comes with a free Office 365 30-days trial, so you need to purchase a subscription to continue using the full Office suite when the trial period ended.

36Does Surface Pro 3 need antivirus?
In most cases, you don’t need a third-party antivirus. Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3 has a built-in Windows Defender for virus and threat protection out of the box. It’s free and receives definition updates regularly via Windows Update.

Surface Pro 3 Comparison Q&As

37What is the difference between Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4?
Here are some major differences between Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4:

  • Released Date Surface Pro 4 was announced on October 26, 2015, while Surface Pro 3 annoucned on June 20, 2014.
  • Peformance Surface Pro 4 uses the latest 6-Gen Intel processors while Surface Pro 3 uses 4-Gen Intel processors.
  • Design Surface Pro 4 is thinner, lighter, new Microsoft logo on the kickstand, many more subtle changes from Surface Pro 3.
  • Display Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inches PixelSense display (2736 x 1824) while Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inches ClearType display (2160 x 1440).
  • Surface Pen Surface Pro 4 supports newer Surface Pen with 1,024 pressure sensitivity while Surface Pro 3 supports only 256 pressure sensitivity.

 Surface Pro 3 Miscellaneous Q&As

38Is Surface Pro 3 a tablet or a laptop?
It’s a 2-in-1 tablet or laptop. It can function as a tablet and also a laptop when connected to a Surface Pro Type Cover.
39What is the company that makes Surface Pro 3?
Surface Pro 3 is a product among other Surface-branded products that are made by the Microsoft company.
40Can I use older Surface Pro pens on Surface Pro 3?
No, you can’t. Microsoft has adopted a new N-trig technology on Surface Pro 3 which is not compatible with the Wacom technology that is used on older Surface Pen.