How to screenshot on Surface Go

In this tutorial, we will show you the 6 different ways to take a screenshot on Microsoft Surface Go by using the hardware buttons, Surface Type Cover, Surface Pen, and built-in Windows tools.

Screenshot on Surface Go

The thin and lightweight design of Microsoft Surface Go together with an affordable price, make it’s the most compelling Surface device to most consumers. Despite its small footprint, it has many great features you can find on its big brother, The new Surface Pro. That includes the new 165° full friction kickstand, Windows Hello support, Surface Connect port, LTE option, and rounded edge design.

If you are new to the Surface device family, you might can’t figure out how to take a screenshot on Surface Go especially when you’re using it as a tablet. In fact, Microsoft Surface Go with Windows 10 installed, has many methods to do more than just taking a screenshot. Read on to find out what is the best method for you.

  1. Method 1: Screenshot on Surface Go with hardware buttons
  2. Method 2: Screenshot on Surface Go with Surface Go Type Cover
  3. Method 3: Screenshot on Surface Go with Surface Pen
  4. Method 4: Screenshot on Surface Go with Windows Snipping Tool
  5. Method 5: Screenshot on Surface Go with Snip & Sketch Tool
  6. Method 6: Screenshot on Surface Go with Shortcut Keys

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