Microsoft Surface Book receives new 11/17/2016 driver updates

New driver updates available on Surface Book to improve the precise touch device, Nvidia Geforce GPU, and the Surface UEFI. You can get this new driver update now on Windows Update.

Microsoft is working aggressively to provide the best support for their Surface product line. They have just rolled out a new driver update for both Surface Book and the Surface Book with Performance Base. This new driver update will improve the Surface Book overall system stability, precise touch device, and Nvidia Geforce GPU (also GTX 965m for Surface Book with Performance Base).

Surface Book Clipboard and Detachable Keyboard Base

Surface Book November 17 Update

Here is all the update information about this new update we getting from the Surface Book update history page.

November 17 release

The following updates are available:

  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Precise Touch Device – Intel(R) Precise Touch Device v1.2.0.70 reduces false touch events when the device is closed.
  • NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GPU v21.21.13.6961 improves system stability.
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface UEFI – Surface UEFI v90.1380.768.0 improves system stability.

To install this new driver update, head to Start > Settings > Updates and security > Windows Update. Click on Check for updates and install any available update. After finishing update installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer.