Mac to Surface Assistant tool: an easier way to switch from Mac to Surface

Microsoft releases a new tool called "Mac to Surface Assistant" to help Mac users to migrate data from their Mac computer to a Surface.

Mac to Surface Assistant App

Microsoft has released a new tool to encourage Mac users to see how easy when they want to switch away from their Mac to a Surface. This new tool called “Mac to Surface Assistant” originally you can download from here, however, it has been pulled down recently. It has been announced by a Twitter account name WalkingCat.

Mac to Surface Assistant App on MacOS interface

This new tool’s interface and the process looks similar to the OneDrive setup phase. You will be asked to choose predefined libraries ranged from photos, documents, downloads, music, movies and more. While you’re selecting libraries, you can see calculated total size right on the tool.

Download “Mac to Surface Assistant” tool here

If you can’t download from the link above, you can try to download the archive from Softpedia Secure Download here.

Source: WindowsCentral

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