Surface Pro 7 Tip: Downloading Surface Pro 7 Recovery Image

Microsoft Surface Pro lineup is getting better and better in every generation upgrade. The new Surface Pro 7 packs many improvements over its predecessors, especially the new long-awaited USB Type-C port. It’s twice as fast as previous generations with the new 10th-generation Intel Ice Lake processors. On top of that, it also comes with a new fast-charging feature, dual far-field studio mics, and an improved Windows Hello camera.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is also easy to troubleshoot and get support. It comes with a recovery partition, which allows you to reset your Surface back to factory settings whenever you want. However, you can use a USB recovery drive instead if you can’t reset your Surface Pro 7 with the existing recovery partition or it has been deleted. On the other hand, to create a recovery drive, you must have the official recovery image specifically for your Surface Pro 7 model.

This tutorial will walk you through downloading the latest official recovery image for your Surface Pro 7.

Note two pieces of information you need to know when you want to download a correct recovery image for your Surface Pro 7.

  1. Surface Model: Surface Pro 7.
  2. Serial number: 12-digit number located under the kickstand.