How to download the new Surface Pro (2017) Recovery Image

Microsoft finally unveiled its latest generation of the Surface Pro lines with significant updates. The new Surface Pro comes with 800 new custom parts including a bigger battery, new kickstand, new heatsink design, onboard NVMe SSD and so on. Microsoft started shipping the new Surface Pro on June 15, 2017, with Windows 10 Pro Build 1703 (Creators Update) installed.

Every Microsoft Surface PC also comes with a recovery partition, making it easy to reset your Surface back to factory settings if needed. However, you can use a recovery drive instead if you can’t reset your Surface Pro (2017) with an existing recovery partition. To create a recovery drive, download the recovery image for your Surface Pro (2017) from the Microsoft Support website.

Important All USB recovery drives must be formatted to FAT32 before loading a recovery image. For the new Surface Pro (2017), you will need at least a 16 GB USB drive for loading the image.