How to disable the discrete GPU on Microsoft Surface Book

In this article, we will show you the three methods to disable your Surface Book's discrete GPU so you can run any apps and games with the integrated graphics for better battery life.

How to disable dGPU on Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book is the most powerful laptop lineup from Microsoft that is designed to deliver incredible performance and versatility to meet the demands of professional creative works. It comes with the most cutting-edge technologies including the 100 percent sRGB PixelSense™ display, Windows 10 Pro, all-day battery life, and the latest processing components.

Among those, the discrete GPU is one of the key distinguishing features of Microsoft Surface Book to differentiate itself from other Surface lineups. It’s really helpful in creating 3D contents, editing photos, videos, and playing games.

However, there are still some situations you might want to skip the discrete GPU to exclusively use the integrated Intel graphics to handle specific tasks for better performance and power efficiency. Today, I will show you the three different methods to disable the discrete GPU on your Surface Book.

  1. How to disable Surface Book’s discrete GPU by detaching from the base
  2. How to disable Surface Book’s discrete GPU via Device Manager
  3. How to disable Surface Book’s discrete GPU via UEFI settings


With the three methods, you can prevent an app or game from running with the discrete GPU which sometimes causing issues and battery drain. If you have any questions or problems with the procedures detailed in this tutorial, please leave a comment below.

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