Surface Pro 3 Pen troubleshooting tips

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a big innovation with three years in the making of the Surface history. It has new designs and technologies including lighter, thinner, faster, and larger than previous generations. Moreover, it also introduces the new Surface Pen that using a new technology called “N-trig”. The Surface Pen shipped with Surface Pro 3 has 256 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The new Surface Pen is better than the previous generation developed with Wacom technology. It now allows you to have a better writing experience including the ability to erase with a dedicated eraser button. In addition, it also has a dedicated right-click button too. On top of that, by pressing its top button, you can instantly take a quick note even your Surface Pro 3 is locked or asleep.

However, all functionalities made by this new Surface Pen required an active power supply. It is now required batteries to do it jobs. As a result, it becomes more complicated and more likely to has more issues as well. So, here we have collected all possible issues and solutions for you, in case you want to troubleshoot it by yourself.

Table of contents

  1. Surface Pro 3 pen not working: battery issues.
  2. Surface Pro 3 Pen Eraser and right-click buttons don’t work
  3. Surface Pro 3 Pen’s top purple button doesn’t work