Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Update

Among all Surface devices, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the oldest model that still get fixes and improvements over time. It turned 4 years old now, and today Microsoft has released a new firmware update to all Surface Pro 3 devices.

This new firmware update will bump the Surface UEFI Firmware version to 3.11.2450.0 focusing on device security improvements. According to Surface Pro 3 history page, here are the full details for August 7, 2018 update for Surface Pro 3:

  1. Surface UEFI – Firmware
    Surface – Firmware – 3.11.2450.0 improves device security.

1Updating your Surface Pro 3 via Windows Update

You can get this new Firmware Update by:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update
  2. Click on Check for updates

If your Surface Pro 3 hasn’t yet installed the update, it should be displayed in the Windows Update now.

2Downloading the update from Microsoft Download Center

Either way, you can also download the latest cumulative driver and firmware update for Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft Download Center with the following file:

Surface Pro 3 Downloads

  • SurfacePro3_Win10_15063_1802002_0.msi (for Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703)