Microsoft Releases 6/6/2017 Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3 (Improving Battery Life)

Microsoft rolled out another major firmware update to Surface Pro 3 for June 2017. It is about to improve overall system stability and battery life. You can now get this new firmware update on Windows Update.

Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update on June 6, 2017

Microsoft’s still doing a very good job to keep our 3-years old Surface Pro 3 to work better over time. Today, Microsoft releases another firmware update that will continue to improve your Surface Pro 3 system stability and battery life.

This new firmware update will bump the Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware version from to to improve battery life when your device is on sleep.

According to on Surface Pro 3 history page, here are the full details for June 6, 2017, update for Surface Pro 3:

Windows Update History NameDevice Manager Name
Surface – Firmware – Pro Embedded Controller Firmware

  • improves battery life during sleep.
Surface – Firmware – 3.11.2150.0Surface Pro UEFI

  • 3.11.2150.0 improves PXE performance on IPv6.

In addition, Microsoft also provides more information about overall device attribute benefits from this update as below:

Value IndicatorScore
Battery Life+

How to get this new firmware update?

You can get this new Firmware Update by:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update
  • Click on Check for updates

If your Surface Pro 3 hasn’t yet installed the update, it should be displayed on the Windows Update now. Otherwise, it’s good to see our device getting better with the new firmware update from Microsoft.