Surface RT the Start Menu is Back

It has been a while since many Surface RT and Surface 2 owners and I complained about Windows Update and Windows Store problems after we reset our devices recently. There is still no official response with the solution from Microsoft yet.

Fortunately, a user found a direct download link to the Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 update package. I have tried to install it on my Surface RT, but it ended up searching for Windows updates endlessly. I find out that many users also experience this problem like me. I decided to start from scratch by resetting my Surface RT once again. And this time, I can do it, and the Start menu is back on my Surface RT now.

Table of contents

  1. Make sure you have the Latest Windows RT 8.1 Update
  2. Installing Windows RT 8.1 KB2919355
  3. Fix Windows Update with a Local Windows Update Troubleshooting Tool
  4. Download and Install Windows 8.1 RT KB3173424
  5. Download and Install Windows 8.1 RT KB3172614
  6. Turn on the Wi-Fi and check for Windows Update
  7. Verify Windows 8.1 Update 3 with the Start Menu option
  8. More Information