Best Microsoft Surface Gaming Accessories

Microsoft Surface devices family comes with a gorgeous HD display, stereo speakers, and the power of the Windows ecosystem, gaming on the devices is really enjoyable. Currently, there are many game titles available on Windows Store and Steam Store, you can play on your Surface tablet.

For most PC games, the mouse and keyboard are the primary devices for controlling the games. However, some games are more enjoyable with a dedicated gaming controller on-hand. Here, we round up the best gaming controllers that compatible and work well on your Microsoft Surface tablet.

Best Gaming Controller for Microsoft Surface
Xbox Wireless Controller - White
1. Xbox Wireless Controller - White
By Xbox
$59.99 45% OFF
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
2. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
By Xbox
$149.99 43% OFF
Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console
3. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console
By Microsoft

1 Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller - White-45%
Price: $32.88
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With the newest version of the Xbox Wireless controller, the new design with a textured grip, make you feel more comfortable with your gaming experience.  It now comes with built-in Bluetooth technology, which allows you to play games with your Surface Pro or Surface Book with Windows 10 with Anniversary Update without wired or dongle.

This new Xbox Wireless controller also double its wireless range up to 12 meters (40 feet) compared to the previous controllers. This regular Xbox Wireless controller also supports the custom button mapping via Xbox Accessories app on Windows 10.

  • Connectivity: Wired (MicroUSB cable), Wireless (Xbox Wireless Adapter or Bluetooth required Windows 10 with Anniversary Update)

2 Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller-43%
Price: $84.99
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If you want to be a pro-gamer, This Xbox One Elite Controller is the right choice for you. It has the same overall appearance as the regular Xbox Wireless controller above, however, most parts are swappable.

The Elite package comes with a set of 4 paddles, a set of 6 thumbsticks, a set of 2 D-pads: faced and standard. All those parts allow you to customize your gaming experience and personal preference. Besides that, there are also 4 additional paddles on the rear and can be mapped with the Xbox Accessories app on Windows 10 or Xbox One.

  • Connectivity: Wired (MicroUSB cable) and Wireless (via Xbox Wireless Adapter)

3 Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console
Price: $63.98
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If you want a budget gaming controller, this Xbox 360 wired controller is the right choice for you. Even it getting a bit old now, but, it is still has a compact and ergonomic shape that allows you to play comfortably for hours.

It has the vibration feedback that gives you a better feel for the gaming experience. It is easy to connect to your Surface tablet as 8 and Windows 10 already has the built-in driver for the Xbox 360 accessories.

  • Connectivity: Wired (connected USB cable)


For most gaming users, the Xbox Wireless controller is the best gaming controller in terms of price, comfortably, and design. However, if you want a budget gaming controller, the Xbox 360 Wired controller is still the best gaming controller and it works well even with your older Surface RT or Surface 2 tablet.