Surface Pro

Surface Pro is a product line of high-performance 2-in-1 tablets from Microsoft. It has a built-in kickstand and detachable touch or type cover that easily transition between a tablet and a laptop.

It also comes with all the Surface flagship technologies the company introduced, including 10-finger multitouch, Surface Pen, Windows Hello, Surface Dial onscreen interaction, and more.

Here are all Surface Pro models that have been released since 2012.

Surface Pro
Surface Pro X

And here is a quick summary of what’s changed and what processors were used on each generation.

Surface ModelRelease DateDesign ChangesProcessors
Surface ProFebruary 19, 20133rd Gen Intel i5
Surface Pro 2October 22, 2013- Two angles kickstand4th Gen Intel i5
Surface Pro 3June 20, 2014- Larger 12-inch display
- New 3:2 display aspect ratio
- New Silver chassis color
- New Surface Connect power connector
- Full-friction kickstand up to 150 degrees
- New Surface Pen with MPP protocol
- New Type Cover
- Magnetic attach for keyboard fold stability
4th Gen Intel i3/i5/i7
Surface Pro 4October 26, 2015- Larger 12.3-inch PixelSense display
- Supports Surface Pen with 1,024 pressures
- Surface Pen magnet attached to the tablet
- Windows Hello facial authentication
- Thinner design
6th Gen Intel m3/i5/i7
Surface Pro 5May 23, 2017- More rounded edge design
- More clean and hidden perimeter venting
- 4,096 pressures Surface Pen w/ tilt sensing
- Fanless on Core m3/i5
- Full-friction kickstand up to 165 degrees
- Optional LTE Advanced supports
7th Gen Intel m3/i5/i7
Surface Pro 6October 2, 2018- Platinum or new Matte Black color option.8th Gen Intel i5/i7
Surface Pro 7October 2, 2019- Replaced Mini DisplayPort with USB-C10th Gen Intel i3/i5/i7
Surface Pro 7+January 11, 2021- Removable SSD under the kickstand
- Optional LTE Advanced supports
- Optional MicroSD card slot
11th Gen Intel i3/i5/i7
Surface Pro 8September 22, 2021- New 13-inch PixelSense display
- Supports 120Hz refresh rate
- Two Thunderbolt 4 ports
- No USB-A port
- No MicroSD card slot
- New Type Cover
- New Surface Pen and Storage
11th Gen Intel i3/i5/i7
Surface Pro 9October 12, 2022- 4 colors
Sapphire, Forest, Platinum, Graphite
- No headphone jack
12th Gen Intel i3/i5/i7
or Microsoft SQ3

How to check the Surface Pro model

There are many ways you can check the model of your Surface Pro. To know which Surface Pro model you have, you can check using the following tool:

  • Surface app: open the Surface app, which is pre-installed on your Surface, or download it from Microsoft Store.
    Check Surface Model via Surface App
  • Settings app: Go to Settings (Win + I) > System > About. Check the model name under your PC name.
    Check Surface Model from Settings > System > About
  • System Information app: Go to Start > type “system” and select the System Information from the list. Look for the System Model item from the system summary.
    Check Surface Model via System Information
  • Microsoft account page: Sign in to your Microsoft page at, and select Manage Devices from the menu under the Devices section.
    Check Surface Model via Microsoft Account Page


Here are some frequently asked questions about Surface Pro:

Question 1

What is the latest Surface Pro model?


As of June 2023, the latest Surface Pro model are Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro 9 5G. Microsoft launched both models on October 12, 2022, at Microsoft Surface October 2022 event.

Question 2

Which is the best Surface Pro?


The latest Surface Pro is always packed with the latest technology and improvements, and it might need to sacrifice some features to achieve that. Here is my thought on which Surface Pro is the best for 2023, and it’s not one but two.

  • Surface Pro 9: It’s perfect for the consumer that doesn’t mind carrying around a dongle when connecting old USB peripherals or a MicroSD card. It’s 65% faster than Surface Pro 8, comes with LPDDR5 memory, and has several chassis colors you can choose from.
  • Surface Pro 7 or Pro 7+: It’s perfect for corporate, business users, or content creators that the full-size USB-A port and MicroSD card slot are critical for their productivity. Despite having a smaller display and outdated components, Surface Pro 7 and 7+ models are well-supported by Microsoft with regular firmware and security updates.
Question 3

Is Surface Pro a tablet?


Yes, the Surface Pro model is a tablet that runs a full version of Windows OS, ranging from Windows 8 in 2012, Windows 10 in 2015, and Windows 11 in 2021. The first Surface Pro came with Windows 8, which revamped the whole Windows experience as a touch-optimized environment with metro UI on the start screen. It has a built-in multi-angle kickstand, one or two USB ports, and a microSD card, making it a perfect tablet for media consumption and web browsing.

Question 4

Are surface pro keyboards interchangeable?

Surface Pro keyboards are interchangeable within its range of generation. Here is the complete Surface Pro keyboard compatibility list.

Surface ModelPro 1 & 2 Type CoverPro 3-7 Type CoverPro X, 8-9 Type Cover
Surface Pro✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✓ Compatible✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 2✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✓ Compatible✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 3✓ Compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 4✓ Compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 5✓ Compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 6✓ Compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 7✓ Compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 7+✓ Compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
✕ Not compatible
Surface Pro 8✕ Not compatible✕ Not compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
Surface Pro 9✕ Not compatible✕ Not compatible✓ Compatible
✓ Fit
Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2

Surface Pro 1 & Pro Touch or Type Cover

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

Surface Pro 3-7 Type Cover

Surface Pro X Type Cover

Surface Pro X, 8-9 Type Cover