2688 x 1892 is the native screen resolution of the 8.3″ Surface Duo 2 when unfolded. Unlike the rest of the family, it has a weird tall 672:473 or 18:12.6 or 18:12.669642857142855 aspect ratio display. It has a total of 5.08 million pixels with the same high 401 PPI pixel density as the original Surface Duo.

1344 x 1892 is the native screen resolution when the device is folded. The aspect ratio now becomes 336:473 or 9:12.6 or 9:12.669642857142855 or 9:13 (Microsoft suggested value) with the same 401 PPI pixel density.

You can learn more about screen information for all Surface devices from the Surface display comparison table we made here.

Surface Duo 2 Image

The 8.3-inch Surface Duo 2 was released in 2021.