Surface Laptop 2 vs. Original Surface Laptop detailed specs comparison

Surface Laptop 2 offers a significant performance upgrade over its predecessor. Here we have a detailed specs comparison between Surface Laptop 2 versus the original Surface Laptop.

Surface Laptop 2 vs. Original Surface Laptop

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 isn’t much different from the original Surface Laptop in term of overall design and features. However, there is one improvement that makes the Surface Laptop 2 becomes a clear successor is the device’s performance. With the latest 8th Generation Intel Quad Core processor, Microsoft claimed Surface Laptop 2 is 85 percent faster than the original Surface Laptop. Surface Laptop 2 now replaces the Graphite Gold option with the all-new matte Black that much more appealing to most users and professionals.

If you wonder how the new Surface Laptop 2 compared to the original Surface Laptop, here we have a detailed spec comparison between both devices. It will help you to decide whether the Surface Laptop 2 is really worth the upgrade or not.

  1. Overall Technical Specs Comparison
  2. Processors (CPU) Comparison
  3. Integrated Graphics (GPU) Comparison

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The new Surface Laptop 2 offers much better performance (85 percent faster) compared to the original Surface Laptop. If you can manage a budget to afford the new Surface Laptop 2, that’s is no doubt that is the great choice. However, if you are tight on the budget, the original Surface Laptop is still the best laptop for the current discounted price and features.