Does Surface Pro 7 support Wi-Fi 6?


Yes, it does! all Surface Pro 7 models come with an Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 adapter as standard. The adapter supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that offers better transfer speed (up to 9.6Gbps), battery life, and security. It does also supports all previous Wi-Fi standards as well. Here are the complete supported Wi-Fi standards that Surface Pro 7 supports:

  1. Wi-Fi 1: IEEE 802.11b, released in 1999.
  2. Wi-Fi 2: IEEE 802.11a, released in 1999.
  3. Wi-Fi 3: IEEE 802.11g, released in 2003.
  4. Wi-Fi 4: IEEE 802.11n, released in 2009.
  5. Wi-Fi 5: IEEE 802.11ac, released in 2014.
  6. Wi-Fi 6: IEEE 802.11ax, released in 2019.

Surface Laptop 3 Wi-Fi 6

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